LIZBETH TAPIA - The Hair Artist

An innovative trendsetter, a talented professional and a creative career minded individual, that is who you think of when you hear the name LIZBETH TAPIA The Hair Artist.  Her genuine, charismatic, positive attitude will provide a sense of ease while on set.  She brings her "A" game at all times which is what has brought her to this level in her career thus far.  

Starting her career by creating art with hair is what challenged her from the beginning.  "I always knew there was more to being a hairstylist, I'm living the journey of finding it all out and I absolutely LOVE it." 

You might see her work in publications, live on stage at various trade shows, behind the scenes at NYFW or at different charity events volunteering her time.  

She is an exceptional person and hairstylist who caters to all types of HAIR.
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